Medical Credibility Crisis

It is critical that all of us are aware of the credibility crisis that currently exists between the medical community and patients. During the unprecedented last 2.5 years, populations around the world have been repeatedly exposed to a new vaccine technology (mRNA) which did not complete long-term standard safety and efficacy research before it was brought to public use. Generally speaking, in times of crisis such as a pandemic, people trust the medical experts. In this case however, some believe their trust was abused. History is replete with such population-specific occurrences (Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Statesville Penitentiary Malaria Study , Sloan-Kettering Oncology Research, and Northfield Laboratories artificial blood). Is it possible this is also the case with the worldwide use of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines? While seeking the greater good, some health care authorities, in alignment with governments, have previously been willing to use practices that set aside patient autonomy and safety.  Many are accepting of this compromise, believing some sacrifices must be made for the good of the
majority, and asserting the “end justifies the means”.

However, NCER was founded on and is dedicated to bioethical principles which protect all patients from abuse. These principles include Informed Consent (autonomy), Beneficence (benefits outweighs risks), and Justice (protection of the most vulnerable).

Perhaps you have experienced one or more breaches of these protections or know someone who has. Current examples may include being misinformed with the following assertations: the new mRNA vaccines would greatly prevent recipients from a) contracting the virus, transmitting the virus, and being hospitalized or dying from the virus; b) the vaccines were proven by research to be safe for use, and
would cause no harm; c) the vaccines would protect the elderly, pregnant women, the pre-born, children, healthy and immuno-compromised patients. Perhaps you have experienced forced job dismissal/inability to travel/enter public places due to your refusal to receive the vaccine or its many boosters. Possibly you were not informed of the potential serious adverse outcomes which were discovered in the short window (2-4 months) of pharmaceutical research discovery, as well as during the 1.5 years of post-marketing use. Or maybe you were not informed of safe and effective alternative therapies for prevention/treatment of the virus or were misinformed that these alternatives were deadly and useless. Finally, perhaps you didn’t know that medical experts around the world who spoke up about the potential harm from these mRNA vaccines were, and still are in many cases, censored, reprimanded, or stripped of their practices. These are some of the examples which have led to a current crisis of trust between Medicine/Science and the public.

Click to read the articles below and take this opportunity to be equipped on the importance of bioethical principles that protect your medical dignity, choices, and safety, as well as those of your loved ones.

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