Year End Report

Dear NCER Supporter,

The year of 2022 has been dominated with news surrounding ethical issues related to research associated with the pandemic, specifically viral “Gain-of-Function”, and the mRNA vaccine. Bioethicists are engaged in a battle over the morality of mandated vaccinations, whose safety and efficacy are being questioned. This dilemma intersects with ethical inquiries into the laboratory creation of population-threatening viruses for biodefense purposes. Hence, we currently face a credibility crisis in medicine overall.

Rest assured, NCER is still keeping a close eye on the progression of 1) altering the human genome with the goal of Transhumanism, 2) medical research successes such as the Xenotransplantation of genetically altered pig hearts into human patients, and 3) new attempts at creating “designer babies” using CRISPR-cas9, IVF and IVG. In fact, I will be attending and reporting from the Third International Summit on Human Gene Editing in London, UK next March 2023. This will allow us to bring you breaking news from the actual researchers about their discoveries!

  1. Our website – Over the last 12 months, our website had more than 15,400 unique first-time visits. On average, this translates to 42 first-time visits per day! We are reaching more than 150 countries on a regular basis!
  2. Social Media – Over the last year, our Facebook page has reached more than 12,000 people: over 32 unique people each day. This in turn leads them to visit our website.
  3. Our e-blast is reaching just over 2,400 subscribers on a regular basis.

NCER can reach our goals in 2023 with your support and referrals:

  • What church, community/business organizations or high schools do you know that could benefit from our customized presentations on current bioethics?
  • Your financial gifts will assist us to continuously update our website and sustain our educational efforts around the world.
  • Your sphere of influence helps get our vital message to your friends, family, and colleagues about NCER: All human life, no matter the developmental stage, deserves dignity and must be respected. 

With sincere thanks,

Carol Szczepaniak, and the Board Members of NCER

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