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HIV Eliminated from the Genomes of Living Animals

NCER Notes: With more than 36 M HIV infected people worldwide, and over 1 M living in the U.S., a cure for the disease is fervently sought. Researchers at our own UNMC in Omaha, Ne. believe they have found that cure! Mice were injected with human stem cells from cord blood in order to create […]

CRISPR Babies: When Will the World Be Ready?

NCER Notes: As an alarming example of how the gene editing of embryos can be dangerous, the first gene edited babies born in China last year now have a high probability of a significantly shorter lifespan due to unexpected consequences of the editing. Because of this outcome, the World Health Organization has asked all countries […]

The Immaculate Conception?

NCER Notes With a discovery straight out of science fiction, researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have taken us one step closer to human reproduction without the need for eggs and sperm. How is this possible? They have discovered the genes necessary to transform human skin cells into an embryo, it’s placenta and umbilical […]

Omaha World Herald Op-Ed Feature

NCER had the opportunity to comment in the Midlands section of the OWH concerning the ethics of IVF which was used in a complex and unusual birth last month at UNMC. Midlands Voices: Complex births raise profound bioethical challenges By Carol Szczepaniak  May 4, 2019 The Omaha World-Herald recently featured the birth of a precious baby […]

Scientists Push for a Moratorium on Human Germline Editing

From NCER: In response to the blatant breach of ethics with the birth of DNA-modified twins last year in China, seven of the most powerful international scientific research entities have joined forces to propose a global moratorium on editing heritable DNA to create genetically-modified children. Thirty nations already have banned this research, and while this […]

New Therapeutic Approach to Treating Osteoarthritis

From NCER: Almost 27 million Americans suffer from painful osteoarthritis, caused by the degeneration of cartilage and bone. As the “Baby Boomer” population ages, this number will significantly surge, leading to a medical health crisis. Researchers from Texas A&M believe they have found a successful way to deliver “therapeutic growth factor” treatment to affected joints […]

Human Cells Can Change Job to Fight Diabetes

From NCER: Until now, all adult cells were thought to permanently execute one function. For the first time ever, researchers collaborating from several universities have discovered that adult somatic cells can be influenced to change from their original role to perform as a different cell type. In the study, glucagon-producing Alpha cells from the pancreas […]