Medical Credibility Crisis

It is critical that all of us are aware of the credibility crisis that currently exists between the medical community and patients. During the unprecedented last 2.5 years, populations around the world have been repeatedly exposed to a new vaccine technology (mRNA) which did not complete long-term standard safety and efficacy research before it was brought to public use. Generally speaking, in times of crisis such as a pandemic, people trust the medical experts. In …

Pfizer, FDA Lose Bid to Further Delay Release of COVID Vaccine Safety Data

Thankfully, a federal judge rejected the request for the delay in data release due to a case which originated from a denied FOIA filing by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. Perhaps coincidently, after this court decision, Pfizer announced a postponement in their application for vaccine approval for young children. Read more here:

Vaccine Safety Data

Vaccines for children . . .

COVID 19 Vaccine Mandate – Ethics Update

Dr. Robert Malone changed the world in 1989 when he became the father of the mRNA vaccine platform technology at the famous Salk Institute. While not inventing the COVID mRNA vaccines, a 2015 article in Gene affirms that Malone invented the idea and method used to transfer mRNA into mammalian cells.

Dr. Malone has joined with 17,000 international medical colleagues to oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates, in accordance with the Nuremburg Code and the Belmont Principles …

Johnson & Johnson New Covid-19 Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson has just received approval from the FDA for emergency use of their COVID-19 vaccine, making it the 3rd vaccine, and the first typical “viral vector” vaccine to treat COVID here in the United States. Johnson & Johnson joins Astrazeneca as a more traditional alternative to the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines approved for COVID. Traditional vaccines inject actual pieces of a virus, whether alive or dead, to elicit a response from our …

COVID Vaccine – Ethics and Efficacy Update

All of us will soon be making a decision on whether we will be receiving one of the new COVID-19 vaccines. The goal of NCER is to provide knowledge and understanding of these vaccines, which will give us power to make ethical choices, giving us peace of mind and heart for ourselves and our families.

The Pfizer COVID vaccine has just been approved for emergency use, and Healthcare workers are the first in line to

“Clarifying Fetal Tissue Policy Contradictions”

NCER Comments:

NCER condemns the use of human fetal tissue from abortions in medical research as unethical for the following reasons:
1) Human embryos and fetuses are human beings in their earliest stages of development.
2) Every human being has a right to life and abortion constitutes the deliberate destruction of a prenatal human being.
3) Fetal tissue research from induced abortions treats the unborn child as an object valued only for its parts.

Update: Here’s what is known about Trump’s COVID-19 treatment

NCER Comments:

Remdesivir is an antiviral drug developed and produced using ethical means. However, results have been weak in preventing both hospitalizations and death. Additionally, itʼs cost is exorbitant at $1,000 per treatment.

What about the highly anticipated therapy known as Remdesivir? Is it an ethical and effective option in beating COVID-19?  An excerpt from a recently published article follows.








By Jon Cohen

Update from 09/21/20 on COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatment in Development

NCER wants to keep you up to date on the ethical options in development for COVID-19 and seasonal flu vaccinations as well as all immunizations. This year, for the first time, all seasonal flu vaccines are made from ethical substrates, and not from aborted human fetal tissue. COVID-19 treatments are being developed from a myriad of substrates, ethical and unethical. We’ve provided a full list through the following two links to the Children of God© …

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

NCER Comments:

Several COVID-19 vaccines are currently in development and being tested on a small number of humans. Janssen Pharmaceutical (Johnson & Johnson), Moderna and the University of Pittsburgh have chosen to use fetal cell lines obtained from abortions to create their vaccines, while Sanofi-Pasteur and Inovio are utilizing ethical sources such as insects and donated blood as their vaccine substrate. Using cells from aborted fetuses is unethical because it denies the value of human …