Update on Illegal and Unethical Research in Gene Editing

With a shock that rippled around the medical research world in 2018, a Chinese researcher unethically and illegally edited the DNA of 3 human embryos, implanted them in their mother’s wombs, who then gave birth. This is referred to as Heritable Human Genome Editing (HHGE) and represents a clear breach of the Belmont Principles of Autonomy (Informed Consent), Beneficence (Benefit outweighs Risk), and Justice (Protection of the Vulnerable). Presentations at the summit included several from …

CRISPR Causes Mutations that are Passed on to Offspring

It is 2022, and even with the explosion of medical research over the last decade using CRISPR gene editing, the unwanted and off-target mutations caused by the game-changing tool have not been controlled. Furthermore, studies consistently find that these mutations are directly inherited by any offspring produced. Indeed, CRISPR has facilitated great strides in curing single-genome diseases, such as sickle-cell anemia. But these are cases where adults were treated, and embryos/germ cells (eggs and sperm) …

Gene Edited Pig Heart Successfully Transplanted

In a ground-breaking first, researchers and surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center have successfully transplanted a gene-edited pig heart into a dying man. For the heart to not be rejected once transplanted, 10 separate genes were deleted or added using CRISPR, earning the donor animal the nickname of a “10 gene pig”. Over 100,000 patients are awaiting an organ transplant at any given time, and about 20 of them die each day. This …

What is Transhumanism – and why should I care?

NCER Comments – 1-26-2021

  • What is Transhumanism?

The prefix Trans means crossing over a boundary; in this case, the boundary of being human.

It’s a philosophy or ideology that aims to control and transform the human species to a higher state using bio technologies, in order to eliminate suffering, disease, aging and death because those are considered mankind’s enemy. This ideology is based on secular humanism- the belief that the tangible world is the only …

In It’s First Tough Test, CRISPR Base Editing Slashes Cholesterol Levels in Monkeys

NCER Comments:

The vast majority of adults are taking a daily Statin to manage their “bad” LDL and Triglyceride Cholesterol count, and many experience muscle pain as well as other adverse side effects. Using CRISPR gene editing, two companies, Verve and Beam Therapeutics, are intensely working on an ethical solution to high cholesterol which causes cardiovascular disease. Read the following to see the results.


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JUNE 27, 2020

A …

Diabetes Reversed in Mice with Genetically Edited Stem Cells Derived from Patients

NCER Comments:

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) affects more than 100 million adults in the US; that’s just under 10% of the population. Diabetes is associated with a 2x increase of death due to cardiovascular disease; and on average, patients with diabetes lose 6 years of their lifespan compared to those who do not. Additionally, DM is the leading cause of kidney failure, retinopathy and neuropathic pain. Can CRISPR-cas 9 be utilized to ethically cure …

Scientists Push for a Moratorium on Human Germline Editing

From NCER:

In response to the blatant breach of ethics with the birth of DNA-modified twins last year in China, seven of the most powerful international scientific research entities have joined forces to propose a global moratorium on editing heritable DNA to create genetically-modified children. Thirty nations already have banned this research, and while this moratorium is a good first step toward regulation, it is not a ban, and therefore it clearly acknowledges the eventuality …

As a genome editing summit opens in Hong Kong, questions abound over China, and why it quietly bowed out.

Due to the generosity of supporters, a representative of NCER was one of only 400 attendees at the Second International Genome Editing Summit in Hong Kong, 11/2018. There, a bombshell report broke that one of the Chinese scientists scheduled to speak at the Summit announced he used the CRISPR gene tool to edit the DNA of twins that were then born in October, hence breaking the international moratorium on clinical Genome Editing in human embryos. …

REVEALED: More than 70 PERCENT of Americans are in favor of gene editing to protect children from deadly diseases

Are you part of the 70% of Americans who are in favor of creating babies who would be protected from diseases? No one would wish illness upon humans, let alone babies, so upon first reflection, this seems to be a compassionate route to take in medicine. However, there are many dire complications to consider: What if unintended, harmful mutations are made to these babies? What if the technology is abused by using it to modify …

Same-sex mouse parents give birth via gene editing

Scientists breed mice with same sex parents
Shockingly, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Science just reported that they have successfully “bred mice with two genetic fathers”, and have previously bred mice from two genetic mothers. Using CRISPR allowed them to bypass the need for maternal and paternal DNA to create a viable human. While very few resulted in life births or survival into adulthood, this discovery paves the way for asexual reproduction in humans.