NCER 2023 Holiday Greetings

Esteemed NCER Supporter,

When people think of worthy pro-life causes, on the top of the list is 1) faithful sidewalk counseling and prayer, 2) supporting crisis pregnancy centers, 3) caring for the practical needs of pregnant women in crisis, and 4) healing for those who have been traumatized by abortion. But being pro-life is not just about abortion.

People infrequently think of the enormous impact that anti-life practices within medical research and healthcare have. And these practices touch all of us, not just some. Think drug development and safety. Vaccines for our children. Organ donation practices. Infertility treatments. The very future of all human DNA.

That is what NCER is here to do: remind everyone that the gravely unethical choices made and executed within countless laboratories are not only killing innumerable embryos, but also paving the way to a Transhumanistic world for our very own grandchildren. It is fast approaching, and we must stand in the gap to prevent it. How? Intercessory prayer. Education. Informing others. And taking a firm stand against it in our laws, culture, and society. We must raise the bar!

The NCER mission statement is as relevant today as when it was founded by UNMC physicians 20 years ago…We are a statewide, countrywide, worldwide advocate for biomedical research that promotes the LIFE, DIGNITY, and RIGHTS of every human being at each developmental stage.

Notable 2023 Achievements

  1. Listen for our new monthly “ Bioethics Briefing” interview on SPIRIT Catholic Radio Network (102.7 FM)!
  2. Thank you for supporting NCER’s presence at the 3rd International Human Genome Symposium in London, England this past January, 2023.
  3. Our website – Over the last 12 months, our website had more than 13,000 unique first-time visits and page views. On average, this translates to thirty-five first-time visits per day! We are reaching more than 150 countries on a regular basis!
  4. Social Media – Over the last year, our Facebook page has reached more than 12,000 people: over thirty-two unique people each day. This in turn leads them to visit our website.
  5. Our e-blast continues reaching over 2,400 subscribers on a regular basis.


NCER needs your financial help: Everyone at NCER is a volunteer. Funds will be used to:

  • to update our website, making it more user friendly, ex. Adding/organizing content.
  • to advertise our website, blog, and presentations.
  • to publish our routinely released blog that keeps you informed.

NCER needs more than money – it continues to need you!

  • What church, community/business organizations or high schools do you know that could benefit from our customized presentations on current bioethics?
  • Your sphere of influence helps get our vital message to your friends, family, and colleagues about NCER: All human life, no matter the developmental stage, deserves dignity and must be respected and protected. 

With sincere thanks,


Carol Szczepaniak, and the Board Members of NCER

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