“Clarifying Fetal Tissue Policy Contradictions”

NCER Comments:

NCER condemns the use of human fetal tissue from abortions in medical research as unethical for the following reasons:
1) Human embryos and fetuses are human beings in their earliest stages of development.
2) Every human being has a right to life and abortion constitutes the deliberate destruction of a prenatal human being.
3) Fetal tissue research from induced abortions treats the unborn child as an object valued only for its parts.

Update from 09/21/20 on COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatment in Development

NCER wants to keep you up to date on the ethical options in development for COVID-19 and seasonal flu vaccinations as well as all immunizations. This year, for the first time, all seasonal flu vaccines are made from ethical substrates, and not from aborted human fetal tissue. COVID-19 treatments are being developed from a myriad of substrates, ethical and unethical. We’ve provided a full list through the following two links to the Children of God© …

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

NCER Comments:

Several COVID-19 vaccines are currently in development and being tested on a small number of humans. Janssen Pharmaceutical (Johnson & Johnson), Moderna and the University of Pittsburgh have chosen to use fetal cell lines obtained from abortions to create their vaccines, while Sanofi-Pasteur and Inovio are utilizing ethical sources such as insects and donated blood as their vaccine substrate. Using cells from aborted fetuses is unethical because it denies the value of human …