Growing Humans in Labratories – Abandoning 14 Day Rule

NCER Commentary:

ALARMING news: The “14 Day Rule” was established by the medical research community as the cutoff for growing human embryos in test tubes because this is the earliest development of the brain and spinal cord which would put the embryo at risk of suffering pain.  But as of this week, the International Society for Stem Cell Research has decided that human embryos can now be grown in the lab without restrictions for as long as they can survive.
WHAT’S NEXT? Artificial wombs have already been created and tested to function outside the body to successfully grow embryos.(see our article from May 14th)


NCER asserts this is a dangerous and entirely UNETHICAL development that disrespects humanity by treating human embryos as commodities and negating their legal/moral personhood. This will most probably lead to parentless children who are owned by laboratories to destroy or monetize as they wish.

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