“Nebraska Physicians are Playing ‘Fast and Loose’ with ‘Dead Donor’ Organ Harvesting Laws”

Approximately 42,000 organ transplantations occurred in the United States last year, the highest amount ever. However, over 100,000 people are on the organ transplant waiting list at any given time. In a bid to close the large gap between donors and those waiting, UNMC in Omaha, NE published a new research protocol specifically for heart donor/transplantation. Normothermic Regional Perfusion for Resuscitation of Hearts from Donation After Circulatory Death (NRP-cDCD) refers to a technique whereby a …

“Doctors have a macabre new way to harvest organs”

Dr. Klessig, anesthesiologist and pain management specialist (respectforhumanlife.com), gives us a refreshingly frank perspective of the of ethics involved in the NRP-cDCD organ transplantation procedure.

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American College of Physicians Statement of Concern

The American College of Physicians, the largest specialty society in the world (Internal Medicine) offers expertise and insight into the definition of both circulatory and brain death. In doing so, they uncover breaches in both logic and ethics as presented in the new NRP-cDCD protocol.  Take the time and read the following article to get a clear perspective.

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