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The Next Phase of Human Gene-Therapy Oversight

from NCER:In the US, over 700 investigational trials are ongoing in the gene therapy field, and with the rapid adoption of CRISPR gene editing technology, the NEJM admits that gene therapy will soon be a “mainstay of treatment for many diseases”. In an attempt to remove any obstacles to fast tracking this research, both the […]

Gene-editing technique cures genetic disorder in utero

from NCER: On a positive note, in July, Carnegie Mellon University successfully used gene editing to cure disease in mice while in the uterus, with no risk of negative effects. Over 8 M children are born yearly with birth defects, so the implications of this breakthrough are enormous, introducing the possibility of curing them while […]


from NCER: In a breakthrough first, Chinese scientists have just boldly used CRISPR to edit diseased genes in viable human embryos created through IVF. Because international ethical guidelines for research are not followed in China, they are comfortable with editing IVF embryos so as to affect future generations, referred to as germline gene editing. Any changes, […]