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Vaccines List

US & Canada – Aborted Fetal Cell Line Products Disease Product Name Manufacturer Fetal Cell Line Chickenpox Varivax, Varilrix Merck, GSK WI-38, MRC-5 Hepatitis A Vaqta, Havrix Avaxim, Epaxal Merck, GSK- Sanofi, Berna MRC-5 MRC-5 Hepatitis A & B Hepatitis A & Typhoid Twinrix Vivaxim GSK Sanofi MRC-5 MRC-5 Measles/Mumps/Rubella MMR, Priorix Merck, GSK RA273, WI-38 Measles-Rubella [&h...

Panel on Infant Lives Meets in Washington  March 12, 2016  by Xavier Symons Professor G. Kevin Donovan of Georgetown University testifying before the panel. The US Senate Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives met for the first time last week, in a heated session that saw several experts testify against the procurement of fetal tissue for research. The panel was convened following […]

Characteristics and Viral Propagation Properties of a New Human Diploid Cell Line, Walvax-2, and its Suitability as a Candidate Cell Substrate for Vaccine Production

National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health  11/4/2015 Ma,B1, He LF, Zhang YL, Chen M, Wang LL, Yang, HW, Yan T, Sun MX, Zheng CY Abstract Human diploid cell strains (HDCSs), possessing identical chromosome sets known to be free of all known adventitious agents, are of great use in developing human vaccines. However it […]