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Update on Illegal and Unethical Research in Gene Editing

With a shock that rippled around the medical research world in 2018, a Chinese researcher unethically and illegally edited the DNA of 3 human embryos, implanted them in their mother’s wombs, who then gave birth. This is referred to as Heritable Human Genome Editing (HHGE) and represents a clear breach of the Belmont Principles of Autonomy (Informed Consent), […]

CRISPR Causes Mutations that are Passed on to Offspring

It is 2022, and even with the explosion of medical research over the last decade using CRISPR gene editing, the unwanted and off-target mutations caused by the game-changing tool have not been controlled. Furthermore, studies consistently find that these mutations are directly inherited by any offspring produced. Indeed, CRISPR has facilitated great strides in curing […]

IVG: Making Babies from Skin Cells

In Vitro Gametogenesis (IVG) involves creating human embryos without the use of eggs or sperm…from adult skin cells. When combined with gene editing (sometimes using DNA from an outside party), this technique will produce and grow “designer babies”, paving the way for any individual to become a parent. IVG has already produced successful outcomes, and […]

What is Transhumanism – and why should I care?

NCER Comments – 1-26-2021 What is Transhumanism? The prefix Trans means crossing over a boundary; in this case, the boundary of being human. It’s a philosophy or ideology that aims to control and transform the human species to a higher state using bio technologies, in order to eliminate suffering, disease, aging and death because those […]

Designer babies aren’t futuristic. They’re already here.

It is now common and affordable for adults to learn about their genetic make-up and any inheritable diseases their genes may carry. As a consequence, the use of expensive pre-implantation genetic testing to weed out imperfect embryos for family planning is growing rapidly. This trend risks relegating genetic diseases to poor populations, while also discriminating […]

Same-sex mouse parents give birth via gene editing

Scientists breed mice with same sex parents Shockingly, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Science just reported that they have successfully “bred mice with two genetic fathers”, and have previously bred mice from two genetic mothers. Using CRISPR allowed them to bypass the need for maternal and paternal DNA to create a viable human. While […]

The Next Phase of Human Gene-Therapy Oversight

from NCER:In the US, over 700 investigational trials are ongoing in the gene therapy field, and with the rapid adoption of CRISPR gene editing technology, the NEJM admits that gene therapy will soon be a “mainstay of treatment for many diseases”. In an attempt to remove any obstacles to fast tracking this research, both the […]