The Immaculate Conception?

NCER Notes

With a discovery straight out of science fiction, researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have taken us one step closer to human reproduction without the need for eggs and sperm. How is this possible? They have discovered the genes necessary to transform human skin cells into an embryo, it’s placenta and umbilical cord. The stated purpose of this breakthrough is to easily and quickly create vast quantities of test tube embryos for …

Omaha World Herald Op-Ed Feature

NCER had the opportunity to comment in the Midlands section of the OWH concerning the ethics of IVF which was used in a complex and unusual birth last month at UNMC.

Midlands Voices: Complex births raise profound bioethical challenges

The Omaha World-Herald recently featured the birth of a precious baby girl, Uma. This birth was the result of a unique, complex effort by family members, each of whom was …

Connecticut The Latest State To Tackle Frozen Embryo Cases And The Bigger Questions They Pose

NCER Notes

In a currently common scenario, a husband and wife create and freeze human embryos with the stipulation that should their marriage end, any remaining embryos will be destroyed. Fast forward, the couples marriage ends in divorce, but one decides they want to keep said remaining embryos. Now the state Supreme Court will decide whose “property” the embryos are, and what shall be their “fate”: to remain frozen or to be destroyed. This exact …