The ‘game-changing’ technique to create babies from skin cells just stepped forward

Same-sex mouse parents give birth via gene editing

Scientists breed mice with same sex parents
Shockingly, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Science just reported that they have successfully “bred mice with two genetic fathers”, and have previously bred mice from two genetic mothers. Using CRISPR allowed them to bypass the need for maternal and paternal DNA to create a viable human. While very few resulted in life births or survival into adulthood, this discovery paves the way for asexual reproduction in humans.

CRISPR cures inherited disorder in mice, paving way for genetic therapy before birth

CRISPR cures inherited disorder in mice

On a very positive ethical note, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have utilized CRISPR to cure mice of a fatal liver disease while in utero! This “proof of concept” trial will pave the way to potentially curing genetic diseases in humans while the fetus is still in the mothers womb. Using a newer form of CRISPR which doesn’t need to cut out damaged DNA to replace it, CRISPR …