Alberta woman 1st adult in Canada to be ‘cured’ of sickle cell anemia through stem cell transplant

A stem cell first for Canada! An Alberta woman is the first adult in Canada to be cured of sickle cell anemia with the help of a stem cell transplant from her sister. This is a great example of the Ethical use of stem cells !

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Revée Agyepong of Edmonton underwent the procedure at Calgary cancer centre with donor cells from sister

An Alberta woman …

Japan to lift ban on growing human organs in animals

Japan has decided to join the US and UK in allowing researchers to implant an animal embryo (a fertilized egg) containing human cells into an animal’s womb and have the animal give birth. The constructive possibilities include growing human organs in animals for transplantation into humans. But they assure us that they will not allow the creation of horrific creatures that “blur the line between humans and other animals”, crossbreeding of created animals or fertilization …

Parenting of the future: Many embryos, each with DNA profile

Are you ready for designer parenting? In the near future, the complete library of  an embryos’ DNA will be analyzed to reveal diseases and personal traits, thereby allowing parents to determine if each is suitable to be allowed to live.  NCER supports a ban on use of genetic editing to produce designer babies.
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NEW YORK (AP) — So you want to have a baby.

Would you like