Monthly Archives: July, 2016

Regenerating Memory with Neural Stem Cells

Science Daily June 14, 2016 Texas A&M University Although brains — even adult brains — are far more malleable than we used to think, they are eventually subject to age-related illnesses, like dementia, and loss of cognitive function. Someday, though, we may actually be able to replace brain cells and restore memory. Someday, though, we […]

After Secret Harvard Meeting, Scientists Announce Plans for Synthetic Human Genomes

The Washington Post June 2, 2016 by Joel Achenbach Three weeks ago, 130 scientists, entrepreneurs and policy leaders held an invitation-only, closed-door meeting at Harvard University to discuss an ambitious plan to create synthetic human genomes. Now, after a flurry of criticism over the secrecy of the effort, the participants have published their idea, declaring […]

Lab-Grown Bones Successfully Implanted in Pigs

New York Times June 22, 2016  by Nicholas Bakalar Above an image of regenerated bone grown from stem cells The pigs, all 14 of them, are doing fine. Considering they’d been retrofitted with bone grown in a laboratory, that came as a pleasant surprise. “The pigs woke up, and a half-hour later they were eating,” […]