The NCER Position on Aborted Fetal Tissue Research


The Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research (NCER) opposes the use of human fetal tissue or cells derived from induced abortions. Such use involves complicity with the immoral act of abortion and violates the principle of informed consent. NCER supports the use of human fetal tissue derived from naturally occurring deaths such as miscarriages, stillbirths, or ectopic pregnancies.



The process of obtaining and processing fetal tissue from induced abortions for use in …


Stem Cell Therapy for Pediatric Stroke:Clinical Trial Launched

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In News by Sarah Freeston

The efficacy of autologous stem cell therapy for children who have been diagnosed as having a prenatal or perinatal stroke is being tested in an FDA-regulated clinical trial, it has been announced. The hope is that the stem cells will help to repair to damage caused by the stroke and ease the often debilitating symptoms.

The launch news came from Cord Blood Registry® (CBR®), the world’s …