NCER states position on use of CRISPR/Cas-9

Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research encourages the continued use of CRISPR/Cas-9 in animal research and in adult human cell cultures as a means toward it’s eventual safe and efficacious use for the correction of disease genes in adult human beings.

NCER agrees with the calls for a self-imposed moratorium and an international meeting on the use of CRISPR/Cas-9 for germline genetic engineering on human embryos or human germ cells.

However, regardless of the outcome of …

A guide to CRISPR, the human gene-editing tool that has scientists excited — and terrified

We are now one step closer to designer babies. Using a technique called CRISPR, geneticists in China recently modified the DNA of nonviable human embryos and published the results in the journal Protein & Cell.

Editing the genetic material of human embryos was a first — and the April 18 publication of the results set off a cascade of awe and controversy.

“While these embryos will not be growing up into genetically modified people,” …

NHS to give volunteers ‘synthetic blood’ made in laboratory within two years


  •  SUNDAY 28 JUNE 2015

The first attempt at giving human volunteers “synthetic blood” made in a laboratory for the first time will take place within the next two years, the NHS has announced.

A long-awaited clinical trial of artificial red blood cells will occur before 2017, NHS scientists said. The blood is made from stem cells extracted from either the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies or the blood of

Gene, stem cell therapies may have far-reaching implications for coronary artery grafts

CU LogoAs seen in Science Daily – June 9, 2015

Source:Creighton University

Summary:Researchers are exploring the potential for gene and stem cell therapy in coronary artery bypass grafts to prevent re-occlusion in the grafted vein. Based on animal studies, the team is seeing a marked improvement in preventing re-occlusion, with no side effects

A Creighton University researcher has received a National Institutes of Health grant to study the effects of gene and stem cell therapy in …