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Turning Skin Cells into Blood Vessel Cells While Keeping Them Young

Science Daily  April 6, 2017 This is a mouse heart section showing human progenitor cells that formed functional human blood vessels. Purple color signifies human blood vessels, red staining signifies the blood vessels of the mouse that received the human cell implants. Credit: Jalees Rehman Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have identified a […]

Firestorm Brewing as Scientists Work to Create Synthetic Human DNA

CNBC  Alex Ossola, special to Tuesday, 2 May 2017   As synthetic DNA is being researched, ethical questions are coming to surface Last May a seemingly commonplace meeting kicked off a firestorm of controversy. More than 100 experts in genetics and bioengineering convened at Harvard Medical School for a meeting that was closed to […]

Unproven Stem Cell ‘Therapy’ Blinds Three Patients at Florida Clinic

Science Daily  March 15, 2017  Stanford University Medical Center Jeffrey Goldberg and his colleagues examined the cases of three women who were blinded after undergoing an unproven stem cell treatment for macular degeneration. Credit: Norbert von der Groeben Three people with macular degeneration were blinded after undergoing an unproven stem cell treatment that was touted […]

Is the 14-day Limit on Growing Embryos Out of Date?

BioEdge April 3, 2017  Michael Cook Both in the US and UK, growing human embryos more than 14 days in a laboratory is banned. Recent developments suggest that it may be possible to grow them for longer and a number of scientists are lobbying to extend the limit. They contend that the limit is out-of-date […]

Dutch Health Council Authorizes the Creation of Human Embryos for Research

BioEdge  April 3, 2017  Xavier Symons The Dutch Health Council (Gezondheidsraad) has recommended that scientists be allowed to create embryos specifically for research purposes, in a move that will pave the way for embryo gene editing research in the Netherlands. In a report submitted Tuesday to Minister for Health Edith Schippers, the Health Council recommended that […]

A Yellow Light for Embryo Editing

Jocelyn Kaiser Science Feb 17,2017 Editing the DNA of a human embryo to prevent a disease in a baby could be ethically allowable one day—but only in rare circumstances and with safeguards in place, says a widely anticipated report released today. The report from an international committee convened by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) […]

Human Adult Stem Cells (iPS) Have Been Found to be Most Clinically Useful Human Cells for Therapeutic Purposes

Justo Aznar Bioethics Observatory Catholic University of Valencia Human adult stem cells (iPS) have been found to be most clinically useful human cells for therapeutic purposes. Pluripotent cells (PCs) are defined as those from which cells of different tissue types can be obtained. These can be obtained either from preimplantation human embryonic cells, in which […]

The Ethical Dilemma of Designer Babies

Genetically modified people is no longer a science fiction fantasy; it’s a likely future scenario. Biologist Paul Knoepfler estimates that within fifteen years, scientists could use the gene editing technology CRISPR to make certain “upgrades” to human embryos — from altering physical appearances to eliminating the risk of auto-immune diseases. In this thought-provoking talk, K...

Ethicists Advise Caution in Applying CRISPR Gene Editing to Humans

February 14, 2017  By Joel Achenbach  The Washington Post Ethicists have been working overtime to figure out how to handle CRISPR, the revolutionary gene-editing technique that could potentially prevent congenital diseases but could also be used for cosmetic enhancements and lead to permanent, heritable changes in the human species. The latest iteration of this ongoing […]