Important Covid-19 Treatment Advice

Dear NCER Supporters: NCER board member (and one of its original founders) Dr. Lou Safranek is a Harvard Graduate and has practiced medicine as an Infectious Disease Specialist for over 35 years. Dr. Safranek has extensive experience and insight in successfully treating the COVID-19 virus in Nebraska and around the country utilizing telemedicine. He urges […]

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Another distressing first in scientific research

NCER Update by: Carol Szczepaniak Date:5-12-21 Mammalian embryos have been grown outside of a womb. The implications are chilling. For the first time in Developmental Biology, a mammalian (mouse) embryo has been observed as it developed through half of its gestation period (11 weeks) while outside a natural womb. Using an intricate artificial placenta that […]

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The Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research is a statewide advocate for biomedical research that promotes the life, dignity and rights of every human being at each developmental stage.

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